summer to fall transitional series | one



Well jeeze. It’s been two months since my first, and last post. I’ve been so wonderfully busy since that inaugural 4th of July look. I slept roadside as the puppy, the man, and I drove across country, we made the semi-permanent move to Pittsburgh, and spent over three weeks literally living in a movie set, and every second has been fabulous.  Now it’s nearly fall and things have finally started to slow down a little bit. While I couldn’t be more excited to experience actual seasons (!!!!), it totally sucks to see summer go so soon. Fortunately, September is that great point where I can transition my wardrobe and I can hang on to some of my light, breezy summer clothes I never had the chance to write about, while still indulging in all the autumn coziness. I’m pretty excited about this and doubt I can limit myself to just one look, so I’ll be putting together a series over the next week or so. Stay tuned!

I decided to style a sundress I picked up on one of my most recent shopping trips. I love sun dresses; they’re easy, and effortless, and above all, VERSATILE. To transition your dresses into fall, try some of my options. This floral slip dress has such a summery daisy thing going on, I love it, but its darker tones makes pairing it with more season-appropriate pieces foolproof. Add layers to your dress to accommodate the changing weather. Go with a patterned t-shirt like I did, or a blouse in a bold color. Next, try throwing new fabrics into the mix. Think denim or leather outerwear. Cozy it up with some knit socks or a beanie, both of which are super great at jazzing up most other summer pieces. I roughed up the edges with a good pair of combat boots, but your compatible shoe options for this outfit are infinite (sandals, flats, cowboy boots, whatevs), so you do you, booboo. Top it off with a statement necklace, or a scarf if it’s nippy, and you’re officially a little ray of autumnal sunshine.

floral dress – Wet Seal (here)
stripe top – Sheinside (here)
denim jacket – Sheinside (similar here)
socks – Gypsy Warrior (similar here)
combat boots – (here)
necklace – thrift store (similar here)


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