Everyday Combat ft. Orange Hair

Fall is the absolute best because we begin to forego pastels and cooler colors in exchange for deeper, warmer hues. Personally, I’m a huge fan of earth tones. They suit my very fair, yellow based complexion well and give my eyes a little extra “umph”, making rich browns and army greens a recurring color palette in a lot of my looks.
Today I built an ultra casual, super comfy outfit on a new pair of chocolatey combat boots and a hooded vest I just received from the mama-in-law back in San Diego. Cozy skinnies and thick-knit socks soften up these kind of masculine boots, while a heathered dolman top adds a bit of interest but still keeps it basic. I wasn’t about to don a utilitarian piece like an army green vest and not rock camo, so this cute headwrap got put to use. Seriously, how perfect are headwraps? Such an effortless way to accessorize. Definitely going to start wearing them in more of my looks.
Also, this is the first post since I’ve updated the ombre`. It doesn’t translate very well, but it’s actually an orange. I used Sparks Color direct dye in Orange Crush. They recommend some pretty serious lightening beforehand for ultimate brightness, but I opted out and used my summer hair as a base to dramatically cut the intensity. I did all over color which added a subtle red/orange to my still dark roots and top half, but increased in saturation as it reached my lightened ends, resulting in this funky color you see in my bun. Over all I’m pretty pleased!

hooded vest – Forever 21 ( similar here)
gray dolman top – Forever 21 (similar here)
black skinny jeans – Cheap Monday (here)
combat boots – brand unknown (similar here)
socks – American Eagle (similar here)
camo headwrap – Etsy (here)

writing to – pmac – One