Retro Shift Dress |Art Deco Poncho

A few months ago I was a part of a photography workshop. It was held in this incredible Victorian home, tucked away innocently in a really urban neighborhood. I walk in the door and there’s this rack of killer wardrobe curated by LA based Recycle 2 Riches. It’s got some mod, some modern, and a smattering of other really cute pieces from the eras in between. Alright, I’m feelin’ this.


In day to day life I’m usually all about the earthy greens, but this jade shift dress had been pulled for me and I was pleasantly surprised that I really liked what it was doing with my coloring. It was paired with vintage stockings, the kind with the great seams up the back that make you feel like you missed your calling as a dame in a film noir. Sadly, not pictured are knee-high go-go boots </3

Retro Shift Dress

The next look was eclectic. Suedette bells balanced the intense beading going on up top. All I did in that art deco poncho was wiggle and make cool swishing noises. It was fabulous and may have gotten a little weird, but whatever, I’d do it again. Needless to say, the ladies up at Recycle2Riches almost didn’t get that back.






Photos – Alina Mendoza @alinamendoza
Workshop – Quasi Studios
Wardrobe – Recycle2Riches | @recycle2riches

Writing To: Day One (A Song About Nothing) – Mac Miller



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