The leather goods of VOZ Collective | Yellow Wallpaper HM

Before I get into how magical this shoot was, let me tell you that this guy right here, Mark, my other half, reeeeeally isn’t the biggest fan of being photographed. He’s a cinematographer and spends most of his time around cameras or reading about cameras or looking at pictures of cameras or talking about cameras, but I assure you he will never be the first person to volunteer to be in front of one. That being said, he was a bonafide gangster for this shoot with Voz Collective x Yellow Wallpaper HM.

Hand painted tribal on leather bags and home goods


Voz Collective is a duo that not only boasts the super pretty photo skillz you see from this set, but are also crafters of killer wooden jewelry, hand painted and all kinds of geometric. Together with Yellow Wallpaper HM, a one woman force designing and sewing really cute “stuff to stuff your stuff into”, they’ve released a collection of bags and home accessories. Their pillows and bags are made in two patterns and a range of designs, making them great for pretty much anyone, hence me and my handsome man.
This isn’t the first collaboration to happen with these designers though, and it’s obvious that they’ve totally got this whole thing down. This set was styled perfectly. Look at it. It’s warm and cozy and so fall. And let’s talk about those pillows really quick. Heavenly.
But really everything they do looks good. Like really good. #aesthetic, man. And they had Jarritos.




I’ve been trying to get Mark to come out and shoot with me for a while and it never ever happens. He’ll happily shoot me, but never with me in any model-y sort of way. Then he goes and agrees to this. Will wonders never cease? I’m really happy he decided to just suck it up because it was a really cool experience to share with him. We just laughed and hung onto each other and it was great. He ain’t half bad.
Find Voz and Yellow Wallpaper’s Instagrams and Etsies below. They’re well curated. You’ll enjoy. Follow them and keep an eye out for any upcoming collaborations they might have. The painted bags above are all pieces from a past team-up. Aren’t they nifty?


Patterns and Painting – Voz Collective | @vozcollective | Etsy
Leather and Stitches – Yellow Wallpaper HM | @yellowwallpaperhm | Etsy
Photos – Lauren Sepulveda | @lsepulvedaphoto 



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