Blue Jean Baby

When I die, bury me in bell bottoms.
These ones.
Bury me in these ones. IMG_5838-X3


It might be that this vintage silhouette makes me feel more connected to my bff/mom when she was my age, or that their flare and good ‘ol high rise simply do nice things to even out my short legs and long-ass torso. Perhaps, as I’ve always suspected, I was just born in the wrong era. You know, right at the tail end of the baby boom. I think I was definitely meant to be a Gen X’er. That’s for sure. Coming of age in the 70’s, being super in vogue with my naturally stick-straight hair, hanging out in my boyfriend’s basement with my best friends, Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson.
Oh wait.

IMG_5745 IMG_5752-X3

Whatever the reason, I can’t stop wearing these jeans, and I’ve developed the lofty aspiration to buy all of the bells. ALL OF THEM.


And in the spirit of full disclosure, you’re going to be seeing lots and lots of these sweet little babies from PYLO. It might get annoying. #sorrynotsorry? (I am sorry for using that hashtag, though.)
Since I’m going on about this ad nauseam, allow me to pontificate just a bit longer.
These are the Gypsy Minor bells, made specifically with my petite sistas in mind. Shorter inseams, smaller sizes – bridging a little bit of the gap that exists with a lot of retailers for the vertically challenged. We aren’t all amazon women, after all.


Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve always loved feeling connected with my mom in her teens and twenties. Growing up, the music and books of her youth became the music and books of mine. The moodier, teenaged version of myself would lay on her bed for hours, doing nothing but listening to Queen and Jefferson Airplane, reading things called The Effects of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds, feeling out of place, and basically trying to be a Wes Anderson movie. Guys, I just want to be my mama, ok? So when she started asking me if I wanted things of her’s, like this perfect red wool turtleneck, I obviously snatched those little vintage gems right out of her hands. And then never stopped wearing them.

IMG_5593 IMG_5803-X3

Eastwood R Fedora – Yellow 108 (here)
Turtle Neck – Vintage
Gypsy Minor Bells – PYLO (similar here)
Leather Platform Mules – Steve Madden (similar here)

Writing To – Seasons – Badbadnotgood


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