California Scrub Co. + The Skin Loving Properties of Coffee

Timeless and trendy all at once.
You’ve probably even read the benefits of putting it on your skin. If you’ve managed to remain unaware of its magical properties, however, because you live under a rock, crawl out, open up those peepers, and take this all in.

  • Caffeine, in addition to picking you up when you’re down, is a natural antioxidant. This means it packs a whopping cancer-fighting punch directly to your skin, fighting free-radicals and damage that reflect as age spots and wrinkles. Caffeine is also a vasodilator, constricting blood vessels which firms skin and aids in improved skin texture.
    BONUS! Dark circles under your eyes? It will help diminish the appearance of those, too.
  • This one is really obvious, but exfoliation. As a mechanical exfoliant (opposed to a chemical one), coffee will improve circulation, remove residual dirt and dead skin, and allow you to absorb more moisture. You can also expect the general act of exfoliating to help release toxins and speed up healing, yay!
  • Aromatherapy. A happy little perk of coffee is the smell. It’s been noted to help clear the mind, combat depression, and rid feelings of nausea. So breathe deeply, savor it, and know that it’s not just working on the outside.Processed with VSCO with 6 preset

But if you’re still not sold on slathering what was once a morning cup ‘o Joe on your precious epidermis, allow me to direct you to California Scrub Co.
My latest obsession, Cali Scrubs, hits all the notes I’m looking for in, well…everything.
Not only are their scrubs organic and upcycled, they’re sustainably made in small batches right here in the good ol’ US of A.
Let’s run through that again.
They “upcycle [their] coffee grounds, creating less waste, use glass jars to encourage the “reduce, reuse, recycle” mindset, and use 100% recycled paper for all of [their] labels and materials”. They’re in the business of making “truly organic products with simple ingredients from Mama Earth”.
They’re also working to Beat The Microbead, which is basically awful. And if you don’t know, now you know.


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Infused with essential oils like lavender, ylang-ylang (PSA: pronounced like eee-long eee-long), cinnamon, vanilla, clove, vetiver, and cedarwood, there’s something for everyone. Each scent is marinated in jojoba oil, a liquid wax that very closely resembles human sebum (that’s a gross word).
This should excite you, no matter who you are.
Dry skin? Jojoba oil will act as the lubrication your skin isn’t making enough of, moisturizing and banishing any tightness or flakiness. But you have oily skin, you say? Don’t stress. Jojoba’s got you. It’s been proven to curb excessive oiliness and stop many of the associated issues (oily hair, shininess, blemishes). Not to mention it’s the Cadillac of deep cleaners, penetrating deep into your pores with its antibacterial properties, leaving you soft, toned, and acne free, yippee.
Basically, why are you not rubbing coffee and jojoba oil head to toe right now as you’re reading this?
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Personally, I’ve been blessed with a mysterious combination of genes that’s resulted in really clear skin that’s hardly had any semblance of an acne breakout. This is NOT a humble brag, though, and before you roll your eyes, that’s where the cool stuff ends. The grass is not greener, my friends. I have my own troubling set of problems.
My skin is dry. Utterly, seriously, dry.
It cracks, it bleeds, it hurts to move my face after I get out of the shower, and it’s sensitive as all get out. I’ve been known to think about my allergens and then break out in full-body hives simply from the stress of the idea. (What? No! I don’t have anxiety issues!)
In addition to my personal, ever-present cocktail of skin woes, I’ve recently and very abruptly developed eczema. And I’ll tell you what, that sh!t ain’t fun.

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So let’s cycle back to all the lovely ingredients in my little jar from Cali Scrubs. I’m currently using Sweet & Serene, a calming option with ylang-ylang. All the ingredients in this bad boy relax and help soothe my entire body. They even specifically target my eczema, which I’ve seen improve drastically. If you’re struggling with similar issues as I am, I’d definitely recommend going this route.

Processed with VSCO with 6 preset

While all of their scrubs tout huge benefits and will work well with any type of skin, if you’re struggling with the opposite issues as I, and have oily or combination skin, focus your attention specifically on an option with cinnamon, a powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, or clove, a mineral-rich oil that will help heal acne scars and prevent further breakouts.
I’m fully aware that the gigantic list of benefits makes these scrubs sound like some old-timey, all-purpose, cure-all snake oil, but they really kind of are. The results are satisfying to say the least. I’m an ardent believer in natural living and limiting the chemicals going in and on your body. (If you want a rude awakening to what’s seeping through your pores from your current products, check out Skin Deep scores on the Environment Working Group’s Cosmetic Database.)  After being let down time and time again by products promising to help an issue, only to have them exacerbate it, I’ve turned to the powers of nature and the Earth and won’t ever look back. I’m not going to lie, I’ll probably be singing the praises of coffee scrubs and essential oils until my dying day. Add this to your beauty regiment a few times a week like I have, and you will be too.
Alright. Stepping off my soap box now. | Instagram
Sweet & Serene – (available here)


I did receive products as compensation, but my opinions and knowledge are totally my own. I receive a lot of stuff from companies, but I write with conviction and promote only that which resonates with me.
I’ve been making my own coffee scrubs for years, but enjoy the ease, smell, and added nutrients of these.
So pick up your own and go forth and glow!


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