California Scrub Co. + The Skin Loving Properties of Coffee

Timeless and trendy all at once.
You’ve probably even read the benefits of putting it on your skin. If you’ve managed to remain unaware of its magical properties, however, because you live under a rock, crawl out, open up those peepers, and take this all in.

  • Caffeine, in addition to picking you up when you’re down, is a natural antioxidant. This means it packs a whopping cancer-fighting punch directly to your skin, fighting free-radicals and damage that reflect as age spots and wrinkles. Caffeine is also a vasodilator, constricting blood vessels which firms skin and aids in improved skin texture.
    BONUS! Dark circles under your eyes? It will help diminish the appearance of those, too.
  • This one is really obvious, but exfoliation. As a mechanical exfoliant (opposed to a chemical one), coffee will improve circulation, remove residual dirt and dead skin, and allow you to absorb more moisture. You can also expect the general act of exfoliating to help release toxins and speed up healing, yay!
  • Aromatherapy. A happy little perk of coffee is the smell. It’s been noted to help clear the mind, combat depression, and rid feelings of nausea. So breathe deeply, savor it, and know that it’s not just working on the outside.Processed with VSCO with 6 preset

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The leather goods of VOZ Collective | Yellow Wallpaper HM

Before I get into how magical this shoot was, let me tell you that this guy right here, Mark, my other half, reeeeeally isn’t the biggest fan of being photographed. He’s a cinematographer and spends most of his time around cameras or reading about cameras or looking at pictures of cameras or talking about cameras, but I assure you he will never be the first person to volunteer to be in front of one. That being said, he was a bonafide gangster for this shoot with Voz Collective x Yellow Wallpaper HM.

Hand painted tribal on leather bags and home goods

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Update | Road Trip Tips & Picks: Part 1

Ah! It’s been so long since my last post. Mark and I have been seriously busy these past few weeks as we wrapped production on Frankenstein: Heart of a champion, our most recent project that was conceived and created by wonderful friends and a talented crew. (Check the hashtag! #frankensteinheartofachampion).
Now, after spending nearly six months in the Pittsburgh area, we’re headed out this Saturday for what will be the next on our ever-growing list of adventures.
I’ll be counting down the days by sharing my tips, picks, and assorted road trip thoughts. I’m kicking this off with a rambling list of my beauty essentials. Twelve in all, below are the only beauty products I bring with me on trips for an effortless look that stays put all day.

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