Green Goddess

Heaven has manifest itself in this long sleeved maxi from Knot Sisters.
Alas, if only I could have this dress in a million variations.
It’s long and it’s flowy in the best of ways. With a plunging neckline (perfect for my fellow IBTC members) and a buttery jersey knit, it’s basically the comfiest thing I’ve ever had draped across my body.

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he loves me, he loves me not – floral for weather that can’t make up its mind


The San Diego weather has been very bipolar. I find it hard to really plan an outfit in SD lately, so I always try to balance something light with a warmer piece, since it’s so “hot&cold”. It was cloudy & cold when I went to work, so I paired some distressed light jeans with a crop tank, Chunky Forest green sweater(one of my fave colors, especially for fall) & added some wedges to dress it up a little bit. I was super stoked when it got sunny so I could wear my new fave 5 panel hat from Vans- “He Loves me, He Loves me Not” with cute Daisies all over! I ventured to the Pumpkin Patch in hopes of finding a tiny bb pumpkin (I’m very particular, so no luck lol).

Hat- Vans
Sweater- Target
Crop Top- Brandy Melville
Jeans- Pacsun
Wedges- Pacsun


photos shot by the lovely ana becerra
insta- @anabphoto
twitter- @anabphoto

model/mua&hair/styled by haylie calvert
twitter- @hayylie
vine- @hayliecalvert

Everyday Combat ft. Orange Hair

Fall is the absolute best because we begin to forego pastels and cooler colors in exchange for deeper, warmer hues. Personally, I’m a huge fan of earth tones. They suit my very fair, yellow based complexion well and give my eyes a little extra “umph”, making rich browns and army greens a recurring color palette in a lot of my looks.
Today I built an ultra casual, super comfy outfit on a new pair of chocolatey combat boots and a hooded vest I just received from the mama-in-law back in San Diego. Cozy skinnies and thick-knit socks soften up these kind of masculine boots, while a heathered dolman top adds a bit of interest but still keeps it basic. I wasn’t about to don a utilitarian piece like an army green vest and not rock camo, so this cute headwrap got put to use. Seriously, how perfect are headwraps? Such an effortless way to accessorize. Definitely going to start wearing them in more of my looks.
Also, this is the first post since I’ve updated the ombre`. It doesn’t translate very well, but it’s actually an orange. I used Sparks Color direct dye in Orange Crush. They recommend some pretty serious lightening beforehand for ultimate brightness, but I opted out and used my summer hair as a base to dramatically cut the intensity. I did all over color which added a subtle red/orange to my still dark roots and top half, but increased in saturation as it reached my lightened ends, resulting in this funky color you see in my bun. Over all I’m pretty pleased!

hooded vest – Forever 21 ( similar here)
gray dolman top – Forever 21 (similar here)
black skinny jeans – Cheap Monday (here)
combat boots – brand unknown (similar here)
socks – American Eagle (similar here)
camo headwrap – Etsy (here)

writing to – pmac – One 

Red Velvet

I finally got my maroon-y wine platforms from H&M shipped out from back home and couldn’t wait to get them on my feetsies.
Truly, I have such a fond appreciation for platform shoes in all their forms. When I was younger my mom would let me wear this one pair of KILLER strappy sandals she had. Green velvet with a funky sort of glittery pattern and the most serious platform you’ve ever seen. She wore those shoes to her first Bowie concert. They don’t mess around. So when I encountered these wine sneakers, I was thrilled to be able to incorporate not only platforms but velvet into my casual daily outfits.
I thought it would be fitting to pair these sweet velvet babies with a well worn Velvet Underground tee for a look I wore to run errands and work at home. Even though I rocked those with some high rise vintage GAP shorts, I tossed one of the beau’s VANS button-ups on top to help fight any breezes.
All in all, this outfit was just enough grunge (I tossed on a gray beanie when I went out), and the right amount of vintage. Most of the day I tied the button-up around my waist and channeled my inner 90’s kid. It was comfy without compromising my look or leaving me having to carry anything – always a plus.

plaid button up – VANS (similar here)
velvet underground tee – J Tomson (similar here)
black denim high waist shorts – GAP/Vintage (similar here)
velvet platform sneakers – H & M (similar here)
sunnies – vintage (similar here)

summer to fall transitional series | one



Well jeeze. It’s been two months since my first, and last post. I’ve been so wonderfully busy since that inaugural 4th of July look. I slept roadside as the puppy, the man, and I drove across country, we made the semi-permanent move to Pittsburgh, and spent over three weeks literally living in a movie set, and every second has been fabulous.  Now it’s nearly fall and things have finally started to slow down a little bit. While I couldn’t be more excited to experience actual seasons (!!!!), it totally sucks to see summer go so soon. Fortunately, September is that great point where I can transition my wardrobe and I can hang on to some of my light, breezy summer clothes I never had the chance to write about, while still indulging in all the autumn coziness. I’m pretty excited about this and doubt I can limit myself to just one look, so I’ll be putting together a series over the next week or so. Stay tuned!

I decided to style a sundress I picked up on one of my most recent shopping trips. I love sun dresses; they’re easy, and effortless, and above all, VERSATILE. To transition your dresses into fall, try some of my options. This floral slip dress has such a summery daisy thing going on, I love it, but its darker tones makes pairing it with more season-appropriate pieces foolproof. Add layers to your dress to accommodate the changing weather. Go with a patterned t-shirt like I did, or a blouse in a bold color. Next, try throwing new fabrics into the mix. Think denim or leather outerwear. Cozy it up with some knit socks or a beanie, both of which are super great at jazzing up most other summer pieces. I roughed up the edges with a good pair of combat boots, but your compatible shoe options for this outfit are infinite (sandals, flats, cowboy boots, whatevs), so you do you, booboo. Top it off with a statement necklace, or a scarf if it’s nippy, and you’re officially a little ray of autumnal sunshine.

floral dress – Wet Seal (here)
stripe top – Sheinside (here)
denim jacket – Sheinside (similar here)
socks – Gypsy Warrior (similar here)
combat boots – (here)
necklace – thrift store (similar here)

subtlety is key

Aaalright ladies, first look is up!

I am a HUGE advocate for mixing patterns. For this look I added interest and a pop of color by layering a bright plaid shirt with neutral stripes. To accentuate my lady-curves and complement the higher hemline of my crop top, I paired these with form fitting mid-rise shorts. For my feetsies, I opted for moderately convincing JC knock-offs, and finished everything up with a vintage leather, over-the-shoulder purse and some sweet cat eye sunnies that added the perfect retro flare (not pictured).


crop top – DIVIDED by H & M
button up – L.O.G.G. by H & M
shorts – Papaya Clothing
shoes –
purse – vintage