Update | Road Trip Tips & Picks: Part 1

Ah! It’s been so long since my last post. Mark and I have been seriously busy these past few weeks as we wrapped production on Frankenstein: Heart of a champion, our most recent project that was conceived and created by wonderful friends and a talented crew. (Check the hashtag! #frankensteinheartofachampion).
Now, after spending nearly six months in the Pittsburgh area, we’re headed out this Saturday for what will be the next on our ever-growing list of adventures.
I’ll be counting down the days by sharing my tips, picks, and assorted road trip thoughts. I’m kicking this off with a rambling list of my beauty essentials. Twelve in all, below are the only beauty products I bring with me on trips for an effortless look that stays put all day.

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Gray Scale


Not too long ago I received this Spiked Punch Steve Madden set from Cejon Accessories. It’s a three piece deal – hat, gloves, and snood (not pictured) –  and I’d like to go on record and say that now that it’s begun dropping into the teens (kill me), I’ve loved having such a thick, soft set to keep me warm and bundled. Black jeans, a chunky silver necklace, and a lightly structured pea coat balance out the casual coziness of this dreamy, lounge-all-day trapeze thermal. Hunter inspired wellies finish it all off functionally.

steve madden set – Cejon Accessories
necklace – Guess
crescent moon thermal – Thrifted
peacoat – Forever 21
skinny jeans – Cheap Monday
wellingtons – Bamboo

writing to – Mr. Little Jeans – Suburbs

he loves me, he loves me not – floral for weather that can’t make up its mind


The San Diego weather has been very bipolar. I find it hard to really plan an outfit in SD lately, so I always try to balance something light with a warmer piece, since it’s so “hot&cold”. It was cloudy & cold when I went to work, so I paired some distressed light jeans with a crop tank, Chunky Forest green sweater(one of my fave colors, especially for fall) & added some wedges to dress it up a little bit. I was super stoked when it got sunny so I could wear my new fave 5 panel hat from Vans- “He Loves me, He Loves me Not” with cute Daisies all over! I ventured to the Pumpkin Patch in hopes of finding a tiny bb pumpkin (I’m very particular, so no luck lol).

Hat- Vans
Sunnies- loveleyWholesale.com
Sweater- Target
Crop Top- Brandy Melville
Jeans- Pacsun
Wedges- Pacsun


photos shot by the lovely ana becerra
insta- @anabphoto
twitter- @anabphoto

model/mua&hair/styled by haylie calvert
twitter- @hayylie
vine- @hayliecalvert

Fall Baby Doll


It’s barely fall, but if you’re anything like I am you’re already pining for the tiny, flowing dresses of summer. Blame it on my rebellious inner child, but something about not being able to wear them makes me want to wear them all the more. So the second I saw a single ray of sun today (a rarity in recent history), I was already throwing on this little baby doll dress and contemplating ways to make it work for the 40-ish degree weather. [Side note: Had someone told me six months ago, as I laid out in the San Diego sun, that soon I’d be wearing the above look in anything other than a balmy 65 I’d have had them committed.]
With busier pieces like this dress, it’s usually pretty crucial to maintain a sense of balance by keeping your other pieces more basic. Colors like this deep wine cardigan and spruce green beanie are vampy and earthy respectively, perfect for toning down bright palettes. Knit socks create instant coziness, while their knee height = sultry f’sho. Pop those be-socked feetsies into killer shoes and you’re good to go. I opted for velour platforms in a similar deep wine as my sweater.

Little Tidbits

  • Keep skimpy little dresses in season by pairing them with deep colors
  • Tights, leggings, and socks of varying lengths help cover skin and keep you toasty without compromising cuteness
  • Try a chunky infinity scarf, oversized flannel, and good pair of combat boots to bring some grunge to otherwise innocent dress silhouettes
  • Mix textures. Leather, fur, knits – pick and choose to help add warmth, interest, and effortless style

Knit Beanie – Urban Outfitters (similar here)
Floral slip dress – Wet Seal (here)
Marled knit sweater – Forever 21 (here)
Knee socks – Forever 21 (here)
Velour platform sneakers – H&M (similar here)

school girl meets rocker | how to wear blacks

I think it’s probably an undisputed fact that black is the chicest, easiest, greatest color of all time. No lie. Classics like the little black dress just wouldn’t be the same if they were purple, broody teenagers would look way less angsty in brown, and Jay-Z absolutely would have lost like 15 cool points had he insisted in all gray everything. Though admittedly, black is a little tricky for owners of little white fur babies such as myself, from a stylistic view it’s adaptable and, let’s face it, downright effortless.
As if I didn’t live in beanies as it were, I recently received this killer spiked number from my friend Mandy who works for Steve Madden (and who will soon hopefully be contributing in some style posts of her very own!), and have hardly been able to take it off because I just love it so much. So much in fact that this entire look was styled around this wondrous little piece of badassery.
I like the juxtaposition of pairing such a rough piece with something as innocent as this a-line dress from Express. I hid the sweetheart neckline, accentuated my waist, and added interest by knotting up a basic stripe top over the dress. A structured faux leather moto jacket mimics the angles of my dress-turned-skirt, while knee socks keep it playful and ready for fall. Classic faux leather plimsolls and a studded backpack play up the look and create a grown-up school yard vibe that I’m definitely feelin’.

To achieve optimum outfit awesomeness when styling all or mostly black looks, keep the following few things rattling around in your pretty little head

  • Match your blacks. Please, dear God, match your blacks
  • If it’s ill fitting, don’t rock it. Try structure and clean lines
  • Stave off blandness by mixing textures and fabrics
  • Maximize black’s magical slimming properties and experiment with tighter silhouettes (insert catcall whistle here)
  • Use your all black base to showcase a pop of color or bit of bling
  • Transition your look from day to evening by swapping a nude lip for a bolder one

beanie – Steve Madden (here)
strapless a-line dress – Express (similar here)
stripe top – Sheinside (here)
moto jacket – Forever 21 (similar here)
knee socks – Forever 21 (here)
plimsolls – Forever 21 (here)
backpack – thrifted (similar here)

writing to – Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s – Broadripple is Burning

Everyday Combat ft. Orange Hair

Fall is the absolute best because we begin to forego pastels and cooler colors in exchange for deeper, warmer hues. Personally, I’m a huge fan of earth tones. They suit my very fair, yellow based complexion well and give my eyes a little extra “umph”, making rich browns and army greens a recurring color palette in a lot of my looks.
Today I built an ultra casual, super comfy outfit on a new pair of chocolatey combat boots and a hooded vest I just received from the mama-in-law back in San Diego. Cozy skinnies and thick-knit socks soften up these kind of masculine boots, while a heathered dolman top adds a bit of interest but still keeps it basic. I wasn’t about to don a utilitarian piece like an army green vest and not rock camo, so this cute headwrap got put to use. Seriously, how perfect are headwraps? Such an effortless way to accessorize. Definitely going to start wearing them in more of my looks.
Also, this is the first post since I’ve updated the ombre`. It doesn’t translate very well, but it’s actually an orange. I used Sparks Color direct dye in Orange Crush. They recommend some pretty serious lightening beforehand for ultimate brightness, but I opted out and used my summer hair as a base to dramatically cut the intensity. I did all over color which added a subtle red/orange to my still dark roots and top half, but increased in saturation as it reached my lightened ends, resulting in this funky color you see in my bun. Over all I’m pretty pleased!

hooded vest – Forever 21 ( similar here)
gray dolman top – Forever 21 (similar here)
black skinny jeans – Cheap Monday (here)
combat boots – brand unknown (similar here)
socks – American Eagle (similar here)
camo headwrap – Etsy (here)

writing to – pmac – One 

Moody Blues

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 presetHi, I’m Haylie, new on the Dainty Desperado team! Today was a weird day – started off a little overcast, then got extremely hot. Mind you it’s October in San Diego, CA- it SHOULD be more chilly (well at least for us spoiled San Diegans anything below 70 is cold lol). I paired my new Vans Skater Dress with Some Opaque Lace Thigh Highs & black Wedges to wear to work in the Office. When I got off work I added the floppy hat & sunnies later in the day- it got to be 88 degrees! I accessorized with this cute little dinosaur choker necklace(my best friend made it & is selling similar ones online, check the link below), and I almost never leave the house without my 2 rings that my mom gave me for Christmas one year. (Not shown, but I traded my wedges for some Black on Black Vans KVD flats to wear to work at Vans later that night.)

mallard blue x-ray “stewart skater dress” –  Vans (here)
wedges- Pacsun (similar here)
kvd flats- Vans (here)
semirimless cat sunnies – Vans (here)
floppy hat- H&M (here)
t-rex choker necklace – Anabeephoto.com (here)
lacy thigh highs- Walmart (surprise!) (here)


photos shot by ana becerra
insta- @anabphoto
twitter- @anabphoto

model/mua&hair/styled by-  haylie calvert
insta- @hayliecalvert
twitter- @hayylie
vine- @hayliecalvert

Autumn Tribal

If I had my way, I’d be a desert dweller. A full-blown desert weirdo, complete with feathers and dream catchers, maybe funky art on the boulders outside my dream yurt – the whole shebang. I’ve held a fascination with arid climates and a deep love for things southwestern or Native American for as long as I can remember. So let’s suffice it to say that I’m absolutely thrilled to own such a badass tribal coat. BB Dakota has always created really great outerwear, a legacy that I believe to have lived on in this little number. I mean look at it! Pleasantly oversized, a killer print, and quality craftsmanship? All I want to do is cozy up in it, perhaps surrounded by succulents and cacti, and peacefully drift off to coat heaven.
While I didn’t rock this piece en route to a desert oasis, I did incorporate my vintage GAP shorts and GoJane combat boots to help create an air of vagabond-y-ness (Not a word. Totally should be). I accessorized with pointelle knee socks, and styled everything up with a metallic knit sweater for the slightest touch of glam.

coat – BB Dakota (here)
metallic gold knit sweater – H & M (similar here and here)
black denim high waist shorts – GAP/Vintage (similar here)
combat boots – gojane.com (here)
socks – Gypsy Warrior (similar here)

writing to – Asaf Avidan – One Day/ Reckoning Song (wankelmut remix)